The LEADING WALES Awards 2013


Leah Seltzer

Leah Seltzer Category: Young Leader

Leah joined New Directions straight from school and shows a maturity in excess of her years. Now a Senior Manager with her own team and reporting into the New Directions Board, Leah is a positive role model who has a clear vision and is committed to developing herself and those around her.


As Head of Compliance for New Directions, a fast growing, independent provider of recruitment and training services, Leah goes above and beyond any expected requirements embodying a holistic approach to leadership.

Leah demonstrates her leadership skills not only in the day-to-day running of her department, but in assisting with other business-critical projects throughout the company. She is happy to get involved in activities outside of her own remit. This means that she can fulfil her vision of raising the profile and gaining the respect of her team. She encourages the department to engage in training and engagement activities that could ensure longevity of team growth. She successfully led her team in being the first education agency in Wales to communicate important legislation changes to the CRB system.

She has been quick to introduce new and better ways of working that have been successful. She introduced an Integrated service level agreement (SLA) with teams around the business to ensure that response rates are understood and agreed; has attained 100% in the supply teaching quality mark; 100% staff retention rate in 15 months and all members of the Compliance team have been empowered to undertake learning and development in some format in the past 15 months including NVQs.

As a young leader Leah recognised that many of her team would have been in a working environment for a longer period of time. Leah is sensitive in her approach. By employing her Senior Administrator to facilitate a once-a-month workshop with the team, she has achieved cultural buy-in, respect and a communication channel that recognises everyone's needs. For such a young manager in the business, she commands respect from all who come into contact with her. As part of the management team, she exemplifies professionalism and embodies consultative leadership skills.

Who inspires you?

Malala Yousafzai - the youngest nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize and advocate for overcoming adversity and campaigning for a right for education for women.

What is your top leadership tip?

Invest in your team. Behind every leader is an inspired and motivated team.

List three attributes that you consider important for good leadership.
Integrity; innovation and a holistic approach.