The LEADING WALES Awards 2013


Samuel Munn

Samuel Munn Category: Mature Entrepreneurs


Sam has taken Samatrix, a company that provides the supply and maintenance of specialist pumping systems and equipment for water and wastewater applications, from a one-man band to a thriving and expanding company that in 2012 achieved a £1million turnover. Hard work and determination have helped to earn him a reputation within the industry as a responsive and dedicated problem solver.


Sam's vision is for Samatrix to be known as a quality provider of engineering services to the water and waste water industry. His vision is achieved through a creative, innovative and, above all, inventive approach to customer problems and issues.

Sam encourages an open atmosphere at Samatrix so whenever there are issues, the management team are usually aware of these instantly and automatically engage with the problem. The company ethos for problem solving is ingrained in Sam and his management team. He firmly believes that it takes a certain type of person to work at Samatrix and through his leadership instincts, he has built a responsive and inventive team who, like him, will not let any challenge beat them.

He recognises the value of training and continuous development and in 2011 he took part in the Lead Wales Management training programme in order to improve his own management skills with a view to growing his business. He recently signed up as a business mentor for the Careers Academy at a local comprehensive school.

He is actively supportive of young talent too. The company regularly takes on Go Wales graduates to give them work experience and an engineering Masters graduate from Swansea University has recently joined as a Project Engineer to work on new product development.

He will always seek opinions and views, actively encouraging his team to come up with solutions themselves, feeding off each others' ideas. He finds that through this approach, people are not afraid to put their head above the parapet and speak out when they need to. They have never failed to solve a problem to date.

Sam's clear approach and commitment to customer service and going above and beyond is increasingly positioning Samatrix as a responsive, trouble shooting organisation, with a visionary leader at its helm.

Who inspires you?

Anyone who overcomes all the odds to come through and succeed.

What is your top leadership tip?

Make the right decisions which is based on experience which comes from making the wrong decisions.

Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues don't know.
I hate mint ice cream.

List three attributes that you consider important for good leadership.
1. Your team trust you with their livelihood
2. Openness and integrity
3. Leading by example
*note all attributes come without a certificate!

David Pugh is CEO of PRIME Cymru
David Pugh CEO of PRIME Cymru (sponsors) with Samuel Munn of CEO Samatrix (Winner)